Our aim is not to replace the efforts of the employees but to input fresh ideas…

our services


Advocacy and Social Communications

  • We help build brands. Because we operate at a strategic level we have successfully integrated the full spectrum of communications into a holistic resource that targets the most creative, most cost-effective way of achieving the client’s strategic business and marketing objectives.
    1. Are you looking for a consultancy outfit to boost the awareness and market share of your cause?
    2. Do you have a need to devise a long-term Internet presence, including commercial transacting, customer interaction and customized online offerings to different market segments?
    3. Are you presenting your company to the market in a less-than-professional manner, be it in advertising, direct marketing or at business-to-business or business-to-consumer events?
    4. Is your brand fragmented across your advertising, point-of-contact materials, your web site, etc.?
    5. Do you want to partner with creative and strategically sound people, who will inject passion, pride, commitment and consistency into your brand?

    If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then we can help your company. Speaking anecdotally, this is what we do for our clients.

    We are dedicated to making your image look sharp. Our design provides you with a solution that stands out strongly in this noisy world. Our audio-visual solutions can communicate a consistent image and message for your product or service.

    Everyone has something to tell, yell or sell. We specialize in helping you tell your story,
    yell your message and sell your product.

Media Production Consultancy

  • Jean-Paul and Associates Consultancy can help YOU connect the dots in an ever-expanding universe of television, radio, podcasts, websites, blogs, social networks and more.

    We harness social and traditional media, strategic thinking and award-winning creativity to help our clients stay relevant, make meaningful connections and build profitable relationships. Big ideas work everywhere!

    We work with clients to discover unique insights and product truths. As your agency, we’re committed to your product and audience so much that the outcome of our thinking is nothing shy of innovative solutions that truly capture the attention of your consumers to deliver positive ROI.

    We understand the market and constantly learning and reviewing new methods of neuro-marketing techniques, customer behavioural research and other similar field work so we understand how the human mind works even further.

    What’s the reason for all of these years of study and research? YOU!

    What’s the outcome? We win the trust from satisfied clients. We also win awards and the respect of our colleagues in the industry as digital specialists who push the envelope of creativity and technology a mile further every day

    We’re inspired by your challenges! Call us today!

Mobiization Workshop Specialist

  •  Jean-Paul & Associates Consultancy Promotion specializes in mobilization, brand promotion and strategic advocacy marketing programs across Nigeria.

    To put your message on the radar of your core audience can take either finesse or brute force, depending on who they are and where you target them.

    Jean-Paul & Associates Consultancy works closely with clients to customize a campaign that clearly identifies the target demographic as well as the most effective way to engage them.

    We help to shape and manage consumer perceptions in the marketplace as your brand continues to grow.

    We work to create and nurture brand loyalty for our clients’ brand assets locally, regionally and nationwide.

    • In-Store Promotions & Outdoor Workshops
    • Word of Mouth & Grassroots Mobilization
    • Intercept Marketing and Product Demos
    • Lifestyle and Peer-to-Peer Marketing
    • Brand Ambassadors and Brand Mascots
    • Guerrilla Marketing and Youth Marketing

Training and Development of Human Resources

  • Our approach to staff training and human resources capacity building is summed as thus:

    • Give us a (diverse) group from your organisation
    • Give us a target e.g. multiple of say workshop costs
    • Sit back and wait for the results

    Jean-Paul & Associates Consultancy training workshops encourage and train people in team-work and productivity improvement. Our training includes some simple tools of productivity improvement which people, at any level, can use.

    The effect is commitment to productivity improvement and the promotion of open decision making. Our training emphasizes the need to break down inter-departmental barriers.

    From direct experiences in many diverse workplaces there is a vast pool of intelligent, largely untapped talent, at the operational level. Correctly trained, developed and orientated they can and will contribute. We KNOW this (from experience) to be true.

    Delegates find our workshops challenging, exciting, thought provoking, empowering and rewarding. Ultimately they leave a workshop motivated to contribute to their own and their organizations’ success, with an enthusiastic fresh perspective on a how to approach organizational issues differently.

    Management can expect, if well supported back in their workplaces by team leaders, delegates making splendid contributions to performance improvement.


E-Government Software Development

  • Our team is able to design a fully customized user friendly business application software that would enable the management effectively run all aspects of their business from procurement, sales records, stock keeping, shift rotation, employee records among a host of other facets of the business. This software development would enable managers not only save resources from paper printing, storage of innumerable files but would cut bureaucracy effectively and encourage time-management, accuracy of accounting records and transparency in all transactions amongst various arms of the business.

    In addition we develop also for governments on various levels an E-Government Solution. E-Access Solutions is a government/agency-wide software solution system designed and developed from grounds up to meet the computing needs of a typical Nigerian government unit. E-access solutions are a fully web-enabled, highly scalable, 100% customizable and fully secure enterprise system. E-access solutions automates and integrates the operations of governments, ministries, agencies, parastatals, and the civil service across functions, departments, offices, and locations. That is, one single software system with fully integrated modules for financial accounting, HRM, payroll/pensions, project management, funds/files tracking, budget planning/monitoring, document management, appointment scheduling etc.

    Developed on a robust three-tier architecture, e-government solutions is fully web enabled and can be accessed from every possible geographical location on earth with an internet access, making information available to those who need it on line in real-time 24/7. E-government solutions are simply powerful. But its power lies in its use. We call it the unseen hand behind government’s efficiency.