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Over a 100+ clients can’t be wrong!

Jean-Paul and Associates Consultancy has built a world-class consulting and development team that has proven itself repeatedly by delivering projects for some of the Nigeria’s most prestigious companies.

In addition to the aforementioned we have an aim to being the first and best option that comes to mind whenever our clients has the need for our service or make referrals to business partners.

While we have the capabilities to do Fortune 500 level work, we are agile enough to deliver for progressive small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs – N1M to N50M). Our quality, price points, breadth of experience and level of personal attention is a perfect match for SME’s that are seeking a full service e-media agency that can deliver a world-class experience.

Past Projects

Since 2010 we have provided for the Corporation a range of unique training courses specially tailored to ensure than managers and senior managers within the organization become better at their jobs and rise to the modern-day challenges as well as opportunities brought about by globalization. The need for the Corporation to become more economic viable and operate more like a private organization has never been more pressing especially as the Petroleum Industry Bill progresses towards being passed into law by the Presidency. Thus the range of courses on topics such as Finance for Non-Finance Managers and Entrepreneurial Skills and Business Mindset are a few of the tailor-made courses we provide in batches for managers of the corporation.

We provide end of the year retreat workshops to assist this high impact United Nations agency with streamlining their staff with the ideals and goals of the organization through off-site training workshops on modules ranging from team building, customer service and communication skills.

We help this international organization with the onboarding newly appointed supervisors and managers with 21st Century Management and Leadership techniques and principles to ensure that the organization’s set goals and objectives are met.

We embarked on a high-impact training program for the state’s board leadership to enable them stay on track with the team’s performance and productivity and also to ensure that the organization has a balanced score-card.

We had a bank that was doing quite well in attracting new customers due to the innovativeness of its services. However it was discovered that some customers were dissatisfied and were not mentioning it to the bank officials but to others outside of the organisation.

Consequently we were contracted to engage in a nation-wide survey of the banks and its staff in engaging and satisfying its customers. We did this through our customer service experience evaluation using a variety of research techniques, analysis and reporting tools. This helped the bank in identifying where staff training needed to be done.

During the conception of the Institute of Planning, the founders had a brilliant idea of how they could use their skills as resource persons to assist Nigerian politicians and leaders in achieving the 7 Point agenda. Hence they contracted us to develop a hub website that would contain the list of the various facets of planning programmes on offer as well as allow site visitors that opportunity to download registration forms and articles of interest. We created the web literature as well as a well crafted newspaper article and a website that allowed the Institute become recognized by the Federal Government’s Ministry of Planning.

An annual event held in Abuja. As media partners we designed and implemented a successful media plan for the international summit that has been touted as one of the best organized and successful summit that succeeded in bringing investors and government agencies together to build Abuja’s infrastructure.

A recording studio based in Abuja. The client decided that they wanted to capture a more youthful audience and develop a niche market in Abuja. We developed a dynamic website that allowed Abuja based artistes upload their amateur videos and audio recordings and also developed print advertorials that attracted youths in their droves.

As media partners to the client we have successfully launched a website that brings entrepreneurs and business men based in Abuja together to collaborate and partner together for mutual benefit of all involved. We also took a step further to organizing networking events and making fast growing groups on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and lately on Blackberry!

Nigerian Television Authority was grappling with a new initiative; they were struggling with the idea of setting up a beauty pageant that would stand out from the plethora of beauty pageants being organized across the nation. They decided to call us onboard this momentous project and seek our expertise in achieving key deliverables that would make the event a resounding success.

We went through their initial plan and discovered that they could not successfully stand out from the maddening plethora of beauty pageants if they did not elicit the power of crowds- what we like to call Generation C. Hence we decided to come up with an idea that involved making Nigerians for the first time ever cast the deciding votes through their mobile phones for which models from their various states was fit to be crowned Queen Nigeria. The outcome was huge with over 200,000 Nigerians voting during the week of the event.

In addition to this we also created a magnificent logo and a website to replace the one initially used for state competitions. We developed a corporate identity and advertisement on radio, television and print media; given the successes we achieved in all the tasks listed above, we were made responsible for the project management which involved- sourcing for corporate sponsors and the event organizing.

We created a hub website that allowed customers the opportunity to access the banks variety of services and reach its customer service desk from the website. The website also allowed the customers download forms in word and PDF format. We’re currently exploring the possibility of developing the current website into a transactional website that would now include internet banking services.

The manufacturing client was grappling with a new change of name and hence an entire rebranding exercise. We sat down in several meetings with the client to discuss their needs for a rebranding exercise as well as what message they wanted their new brand to portray. Having understood their requirements, we then undertook the conscientious task of developing a new logo and entire corporate identity. Before launching of the brand however, our consultants discussed with board members of the erstwhile Dangi Industries on the best industry practices of educating the public, employees and previous clients of the factory on the need for a rebranding exercise as well as reassure all stakeholders that this was in their best interest.

The private company was established initially for all intents and purposes as a hobby for the entrepreneur who was then a University undergraduate. After several discussions over the phone with our brand consultants; and the design of a corporate identity and a website, the business was ready to welcome its first clients.

Today the business has developed new services, employed new staff and is looking to diversify its services into new markets. Entrepreneurship works and knows no borders!

The interior decorator met with us convinced us that he knew better than us in designing workspaces. We took our chances, believed him and he designed our new office. His eye for great designs was amazing and when we moved into our office, we were inundated with requests for the phone number for our interior decorator. So we decided to give a call and explain to him that despite the fact that his passion was more of a hobby than a business, it would be necessary to have a well-rounded corporate identity that would allow him have an edge in negotiations. He bought into the vision that we were selling to him and signed us up to create a flash website to showcases his previous works and develop a corporate identity and marketing plan.

Today he works in this business full time and employs 3 staff members.

A supermarket in the bustling city of Port-Harcourt wanted a brand image that was captivating and welcoming to its customers. Using our skills in impression management, we advised than on the desired color schemes which from research, customers found to be inviting and welcoming. We designed its corporate identity also to suit this purpose and today the super market is having a roll and thinking of opening several branches within and outside the city! We should have charged more for consultations or at least bough shares, no?

The organisation is a nice quiet hotel with a great restaurant attached! It decided it needed an information website to showcase its relaxing environs and delicacies. We developed a web literature and designed its website which complements its corporate image and cuts a sharp impression on its visitors and potential guests.

The laboratory is one of Abuja’s most prolific laboratories with huge publicity due to its ground breaking HIV/AIDS drug. They decided to take the marketing of the drug online- they picked up the phone, gave us a call and the rest as they say is history. Adapting a variety of brilliant marketing strategies and use of social media, we were able to reach out to the world and yell, tell and sell the product.

An acclaimed award winning school in Delta State, decided to promote their school beyond their current frontiers. They picked up the phone and gave us a ring telling us of their challenges and urging us to come up with solutions. We sat down, put on our creative thinking caps. Two weeks later the school had a brand new hub website that allowed parents download admission forms and we further came up with 10 different one-minute radio jingles that would air concurrently on local radio stations across the state; the outcome? A whooping 446 new students signed up for admission!!!

It’s no secret that the property market in Abuja is BIG business. We decided to make it even BIGGER. So for this project we were contracted to create a transactional website that allows the websites visitors find houses for rent and sale on the website. It also allows registered users upload pictures of houses and office spaces that landlords or estate agents wished to lease, rent or sell to the public.

A company  specializing in web online directory and business data base, based in Abuja, trying to capture the clients marked within Abuja .We produced their television advert,(from the scripting, visuals, voicing and editing).

A Nigerian firm with experience in the field of Information Technology Solutions delivery. Their core area of expertise is Telecommunication and new software development. We enhanced their corporate identity, collateral materials (call cards, letter heads, and envelopes), we also designed a website with a call centre function, and a unique logo that suit this unique IT firm.

We are pleased to welcome a stopover LAC MONT, one of the most unique and latest bus stop over’s in Nigeria, in LAC MONT you will find an outstanding supermarket, bus stop and restaurant which keeps you relax after a hectic journey. Jean-Paul and Associates creative’s has designed and optimized their corporate identity, and logo to make them stand out.

IMAGE BROKERS  is one of Nigerians most prominent insurance brokerage company, possess well over 20 years worth of experience from the very special and demanding requirements that applies to the insurance industry in Nigeria, We enhanced their product packaging, a catchy logo and an optimized corporate website for search engines.

Consists of a group experienced media experts who are experts in advertising and marketing. They handle their media and corporate communication effectively convey desired messages in a correct way. Jean-Paul and Associates Creatives, designed a catchy website to enhance their corporate identity.

A growing community of Christian followers based in Abuja. For the church we created a CSS website that allowed for free downloads of Christian music, a collection of blogs and interaction using several social media platforms to share the message.

We created a show for the client that can best described as Edutainment at its best. Something Special is a T.V show borne out of the desire to reduce the low rate of education among girls in Nigeria. They want to reach out to Nigerian girls who cannot afford a Primary and Secondary School education; and want to give them hope for a brighter future. They believe that with an increase in the education of the female child, there will be a remarkable change in the world.

Their passion for female education and growth has motivated us to come up with this program, which would provide an avenue for young women to have access to education and opportunities that would improve their lives. The show allows for disadvantaged girls in Nigeria to compete in a game show for scholarships and other prizes. We handled in-house all facets of the brand building; from the logo design, website designs and show concept. Coming to your television screens from 2011; look out.

This is a Television Show expected to hit the networks from March 2011. It is an adventure reality show taking viewers (both international and national) and contestants through the sights and sounds of Nigeria by land, sea and air. The main objective of the show is to use the show as an exploration tool to showcase the rich cultural, tourist and economic potentials of Nigeria through tasks that cover the areas of tourism, commerce, advertisement, charity & good causes and the intrigues of travelling by various modes of transportation. We designed for them a website and the Television adverts to encourage youths from all around Nigeria to participate actively; their phone lines are still ringing off the hook!

Next to Glow is a reality show that gives an ordinary person an opportunity to be seen in their various talents and a chance to have their lives changed from nothing to something. The show’s concept, logo design, website and advertorials across all media; print, radio and television was out together by Jean-Paul and Associates Consultancy.