Business Intelligence


We help you to look at your business through the eyes of your customers

Mystery shopping is a form of market research designed to assess and track the performance of individuals working in customer contact roles; and the performance of the businesses in achieving customer satisfaction.

Mystery shopping can provide information to help you focus and modify your training programs. It can provide positive feedback for use in employee incentive programs. It can assist in measuring the degree to which specific performance standards are being adhered. It can help identify employees who are contributing a lot to your business, as well as those who are not living up to your expectations. We produce a ton of intelligence every moment of every day. But intelligence is nothing unless it can be translated, analyzed, and presented in a way that helps you improve your business on every level and at every touch point. We present more than information. We present clarity.

As a business intelligence consulting company, Jean-Paul and Associates Consultancy® offers customer experience evaluations (mystery shops), market research, compliance audits, reward programs, competitor shops, pricing audits, business verifications, physical inspections and merchandising.

Jean-Paul and Associates Consultancy offer a premier mystery shopping and business intelligence for you. Our success can be traced to the relationships cultivated with our clients over the years – one of a business partner, not a vendor. As business intelligence consultants, we provide our clients with far more than data or information. We become valued business partners by applying superior thinking, tools, and thorough service to mystery shopping and other research assignments that help our customers solve business problems, drive superior customer service quality, and make winning decisions.

How Our Mystery Shopping Programme Can Help You

We offer an accurate, reliable and inexpensive method of quality control which provides you with a means of identifying both good customer service (which can be rewarded) and the not-so-good (which can be performance managed).

We reach a full understanding of your company, its employees and clients in order to be able to provide you with a full scale picture of how each action affects your business.

Our services are tailored to meet the exact needs of the business and an individual programme is installed for each of our clients, however, some of the methods are as below:

  • We provide periodic reports and statistics to enable you to track customer service performance.
  • We monitor your customer service by visiting nominated outlets at an agreed frequency.
  • We extend your quality assurance programme to the intangible elements of your customer service.
  • We help you to look at your business through the eyes of your customers.
  • We help you ensure all your outlets are giving a consistent level of customer service.
  • We help you spot any employees who may be driving your customers away.
  • We check the service provided by each branch against your laid-down customer service standards.
  • We provide a measuring facility for inter-branch competitions and personal performance rewards.
  • We confirm whether your staff is promoting those services and products they have been instructed to promote.
  • We check that advice and information your employees are giving is accurate and conforms to any legal guidelines which may apply.
  • We benchmark your service against that offered by your competitors.

Our reports will enable you to track the effect of product changes as well as customer service and staff training programmes. They will enable you to compare the performance of each outlet and reward those which demonstrate the best customer service. This is especially important where sales incentive programmes may lead staff to make short-term sales a higher priority than long-term customer satisfaction.