Applied Business Skills for Innovation

Course Overview: A unique hands-on course designed to get the top and middle level managers of your organization buzzing with new ideas on creative ways on doing things differently.

Your team will learn in a scientific manner on just how they can effectively drive change and value-innovate with a focus on making the competition irrelevant by refocusing on what the customers value most.

Increased expansion and diversification coupled with globalization plus the dynamic and often volatile business decision making environment has brought with it huge demands on manager making business decisions. Keeping handle on an ever more complex deals and transactions in the sector will need a lot of forward-thinking and new skills to ensure that the organization remains on top of its game and ahead of competitors. Managers need business skills across board to constantly scrutinize the shape and structure of the transactions and projects to ensure they reap maximum reward for the organization. The organization will need managers that add value using their transferable business skills and innovation.

The aim of the course is to provide in-depth skills and knowledge for improved business performance and productivity.


  • How to make better and faster business decisions.
  • How to uncover business opportunities internally and externally.
  • How to draw a unique value-innovative strategy graph to guide innovation.
  • Techniques to identify when to make a change.
  • Problem solving and innovation in business environment.
  • Business process re-engineering and innovation: know when to use the right technique. Entrepreneurship in large organizations.

Course Benefits

Develop transferable business skills
Use the business skills more purposefully to improve decision making on complex transactions
Analyze business targets and trends
Acquire high business proficiency and techniques to deal with real business scenarios
Make a direct impact in improving business performance in the organization
Proactive in identifying business opportunities