Leadership Development Programmes

Here is a fact- a great number of bosses are poor leaders! As a result, business suffers and money is lost.

The credibility of your leadership team is so important in your organization to achieve its strategic vision. Yet, all too often the people who have been appointed to leadership positions face complex challenges and are not trained in the art of driving organizational progress. Great performance requires great leaders to inspire trust and deliver sustainable results. This is accomplished by the development of skills in the leadership and; to whom the organization turns to for direction, inspiration and being that role model that others aspire to become.

Our leadership development programmes have been designed by world-class experts who have honed their skills in actually delivering increased performance in every facet of the business world. Our programmes delve into effective decision-making processes, power and influence, altering behaviors, recasting mind sets, organizational change, and personal negotiation styles and investing in and managing relationships for greater impact. Our leadership development progrmmes are not just taken from theoretical ideas and concepts. They have, in fact, being designed to take the delegate through a journey of practical training that will allow them to inspire and engage people to follow them through authentic leadership, establishing trust and respect.

Getting the leadership style culture and behaviors rights will drive engagement and result in increased performance throughout your organization. Leadership, development will also show your leader how to recognize the strengths and weakness of their tea, and how to cultivate their decision making capabilities by creating the strategic context they need to make good decisions.

Developing the leadership qualities of your leaders and managers will be the best investment you can make. This vital area of business must involve people who understand organizational change and who have the ability to develop high performance with individuals and teams whilst building relationships that work.


  • Understanding the five phases of project management.
  • Developing roles and responsibilities.
  • Selecting and leading the project team.
  • Motivation and critical success measures.
  • Communication skills.
  • Contract administration.
  • Developing our own style of leadership.
  • Influencing and changing behaviors.
  • Negotiation and persuasion skills.
  • Controlling and monitoring stressful situations.
  • Dealing with conflict and dispute resolution.
  • Implementing a realistic communications strategy.

Leading and Managing Organizational Change

Advanced leadership qualities
Key communication skills
Setting objectives and targets
Managing people through organizational change
Developing individuals skills Dealing with people problems
Aligning vision and strategy with team goals

Critical Thinking and Decision Making for Sustained Results

Understanding the effects of critical thinking.
Problems solving skills.
Decision making skills.
Understanding the main characteristics of critical thinking.
Key skills required for critical thinking and decision making.
Identification of the path to critical thinking.