Jean-Paul & Associates Consultancy is an organisation focused on providing quality business solutions through consulting and provision of a wide range of services ranging from ideas generation, marketing techniques, and project management among a host of other services. Jean-Paul and Associates Consultancy is a unique management company. The company provides strategic planning and business coaching services to companies of all sizes in all industries.
The professionals who make up Jean-Paul & Associates Consultancy value this phrase more than any other: “I think.” We do realize that great minds may not think alike but do like to think. So that’s what we do for our clients; we give them an alternative concept of thinking with our think-tank of professionals who all understand that you cannot solve new problems with old knowledge.
Our team is diverse and proficient and made up of professionals from various areas of specialization; thus offering our vast clientele the ability of have a one-stop avenue for the provision of a wide variety of solutions to their business needs.
We do not work as an organisation with some stylish hierarchy structure with several vice presidents, layers of management and whatnot. The vice-presidents may be good for a bank, the layers may be good on a chocolate cake, but for us, we understand that as consultants we need to think quickly and act fast. So we are all “creatives” (our coined word) with working partnerships and long established relationships with several professionals who are certified and experienced in their fields.

What we do

To provide innovative solutions to our clients with passion and explore new opportunities in a fast changing business environment

To be a leading consulting organisation committed to providing superior business partnerships and assistance by redefining standards.

The answer is simple, when you work with our organisation; you start a relationship that transcends just a one-off business. We pride ourselves as investors in humans and so we cultivate our relationships and ensure that we transcend from being just service providers

Increased market responsiveness
Business Innovation and Strategy
Increased customer retention
Improved personal management and leveragability
Improved communications processes and decision making
Improved market awareness

Our Incredible Team

Every captain knows that you cannot predict which way the wind will blow with any degree of accuracy; however you can learn to adjust your sails in order to move with relative ease whichever way the wind may blow.

Our Clients

Over a 100+ clients cant be wrong...

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